Hi all. A small upate today. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve just completed another photoshoot for the good folks over at Cheeky Wipes. They have a new (version 3) box coming out in the New Year, and needed some shots of the new boxes to update their website and publicity. The new boxes combine the best of versions 1 and 2, and the idea of the photo shoot was to highlight the new features of the version 3 boxes, such as the new one handed robust snap closures, and the stainless steel pin hinges.



They’ve also got some new Bamboo Wipes coming out soon and have added to their range with a Turquoise and Bright Pink coloured wipe.




I just wanted to say thanks to the good folks over at Cheeky Wipes for choosing to collaborate with me again. It’s always a pleasure, and always fun to work with you to make your products look as great as possible.

For all the Mums out there (and Dads!) with young children, you might want to check out Cheeky Wipes’ products. It might just end up saving you some money! www.cheekywipes.com