I’ve been meaning to post up this link for quite some time now. It’s a brief video that the DJ shot at my wedding. It’s primarily a promotional thing for him, but it’s great to see and hear the band again! Anyway’s, here’s the link: http://www.vimeo.com/14087815

Just a quick word on the band. Carnival Collective are, basically, a samba / dance / drums band, but that description really doesn’t do them justice. Their eclectic mix of styles makes them so much more than that.  They are, without doubt, the finest band of their type in the country. Their energy, enthusiasm, power, and style is a wondrous thing, and it was an absolute pleasure to have them play at my wedding.

They have an album out incidentally (shameless plug!). Pop over to their website and order your copy:  http://www.carnivalcollective.org.uk/