Wedding Photos

While we await the 'official' Wedding Photos, I've uploaded all of the ones we've received from guests onto my website to make it easier for friends and family to see them all. However, as I didnt take any of them, it'd be wrong of me to put a permanent link to them...

Another website update

Yep, the website's elves have been busy again, and this time they've updated the Gallery page with a new look! A 'Product' gallery has also been added, and all of the galleries have had a bit of a prune to thin them out a bit. I may well thin them out further yet, but...

Re: website update

I thought I'd probably better mention where I've added new photos, to save you trawling through everything. There are new pictures in the : Naming Ceremony; Details; and People galleries. Due to filename conventions they probably wont be at the beginning or end of...

Major website update!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the website galleries have had a major overhaul. I've changed the format of them, so the images are now much clearer. There's also a new full screen view too! I hope you like the new look of the galleries. Please feel free to...


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